Twenty years of schooling...

Thanks for visiting! I'm Max. I grew up in Hagerstown, Maryland in the foothills of Appalachia. After taking a programming class in High School, I realized that I had finally found something that I could enjoy doing for a while.

In my college application process, I found myself between THE Ohio State University and *ichigan. I thankfully wound up going to the one with better CSE technical electives. While at Ohio State, I enrolled in the FEH program in my freshman year. Following that I was a UTA for 3 years through the end of my undergrad. I was then given the incredible opportunity to become a GTA where I continued to teach Freshman the fundamentals of being an engineer.

Additionally I was in charge of the robot controller team in the FEH program. We maintained and updated the Proteus, which was a K60 Freescale SOC with I2C, SPI, UART, and lots of various GPIO functionality. We maintained an API for students to use when designing their robots for the annual FEH Robot Competition, which was the culmination of a semester-long team-based design project.

I've now wrapped up my educational experience and will soon graduate with my Master's in CSE.

...And they put you on the day shift

I learned a lot about embedded software while working on the Proteus team, and I realized that I really enjoy the unique nature of problems presented by embedded software development. This led me to get a Pebble smartwatch, which was the second embedded platform that I wrote code for. I created two watchfaces (one of which can be seen on the final update that Pebble ever made) and got some fun experience with basic memory management and API referencing!

I then made a list of embedded companies that would be at the Ohio State career fair. I talked with and subsequently interviewed with Texas Instruments, and was brought on for an internship in Dallas! I help convert a legacy Perl tool into a fully configurable C++ application for Webbench in my first internship. I was in a software development role, but I wanted to get closer to the hardware. I was offered an internship in driver development in San Diego with TI. There, I helped develop a security layer for OAD for the BLE team.

Headin' out for the old east coast, lord knows I paid some dues gettin' through...

I heard that TI had an office out in Germantown, Maryland. I wanted to try and work my way back towards my family out east, so I took an internship there on the radar board test team.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a full-time position available on that team. However, I was given the opportunity to join the Sitara Application Development team full-time. I'm in TI's rotational program for that role where I've helped design and implement customer-facing sample applications and documentation.

...But me, I'm still on the road A-heading for another joint

And that's as far as I got! I'm interested in embedded software development for my career. My hobbies include triathlons, drone photography, travel, cast-iron cooking, baking, and paddle boarding.

Additionally, I really enjoyed my time teaching, and I'm looking to find a way to continue that passion in STEM education.

Thanks for reading!

If you're more interested in what I've done, be sure to check out my resume.

If you'd like to contact me, shoot me an e-mail at maxkross96 at gmail dot com